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My Prayer for the New Year

2020. It seems unreal to even write it, but here we are. This past decade has brought a multitude of changes, and in a world of uncertainties, only Jesus remains constant and true. I’m actually grateful to be alive at such a time as this, even amongst the division and turmoil. Scripture says that God predetermined the time and place of our dwelling. He knew before we were even formed in our mother’s womb when we were meant to walk this earth. And God is moving mightily today.

My prayer for this new year is for

a faith that can move mountains,

a strength that cannot be shaken,

a boldness that cannot be contained,

and a fearlessness in all things.

Most of all, I want us to be ready.

I watched a video of a crane boldly chasing a bear away. The crane didn’t sit and wait for the bear to come to it to defend itself. The crane was the aggressor and pursued the bear until it ran off. The crane didn’t let up, he continued pursuing the bear.

We need to have the same offensive strategy to the enemy. We need to be operating in the Spirit regularly. We need to be filled and refilled with God’s Holy Spirit. We need to actively rebuke attacks on our family, friends, leaders, etc... We need to know who we are in Christ and be active members in the army of God. We can’t be complacent.

We can hope for peace and prosperity, but until Jesus returns, there will be trials and tribulation. But as Christians, we mustn’t lose hope. “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2 NKJV

Jesus knew the joy that was set before Him would make it all worth it. We need to have that same faith in what is to come; we are citizens of the kingdom of God. Until then we must be the light in a dark world. So, let’s get excited for what God is going to do in 2020!

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