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Our Writing Journey

A Product of Christ has officially been available for six months.

Though she’s not on social media, I want to give a shout-out to my amazing co-author and sister in Christ, Heather Hendon. She is the reason this book ever came to be.

Six years ago, I wrote my first book. I’m not one to boast and I didn’t tell anyone except my immediate family. I always loved writing fiction and blogged occasionally. I had even written a Christmas play that was performed at my high school. But this was different—I had actually FINISHED writing my first book. I was thrilled that I had finally accomplished something I’d always wanted to do.

After endless research on the publishing industry, I decided I was too unqualified. I had no social media and accompanying online platform, no MFA, and no industry connections. What was the point? So I kept my writing to myself and my family.

A few years later, Heather (without knowing any of this) tells me God revealed to her in prayer that she and I were to write a book for God’s people, and that it would be a product of Christ.


I’ll admit I was a bit negative when she told me. I had put writing aside and was more focused on the things of God than I’d ever been. I was on fire for the Lord and didn’t really want to tackle something that seemed pointless. I was familiar with book marketing and know the value in connections. We were two unqualified moms from Indiana. Who would ever find our book, much less read it? I admired Heather’s faith, and knew that if it was in God’s will, I’d be in.

So I told her I’d have to pray about it—and pray I did. But tragedy struck soon after and I lost someone very close to me. After several months of grieving and healing, I told Heather we would write that book.

I now know that without the word and the Spirit of God I have nothing worthy for anyone to read. I want to glorify Him in all things, including my writing. Heather and I lived rebelliously for years, and I know that our lack of understanding Jesus and what He did contributed to that. We now have a desire to help equip God’s people with a true knowledge of Him.

What sets this book apart is its simplicity. It’s a simple breakdown of Christianity that is meant to direct the reader to the Bible. Our goal with A Product of Christ is to get people off first base with God. We want people to walk in the victory that can only come from Jesus.

I’m so thankful God chose us to write it, but this is His book. If I had the means to give everyone a copy of it, I would.

I can’t wait to share more with you, and I have a few things planned.


“For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.”

Romans 11:36 NKJV

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