©2019 A Product of Christ

You’re saved. You’re a Christian. Now what?


Salvation is only the beginning. Your Savior wants to fill your every void, but that can only happen if you truly know Him. Don’t settle for a superficial Christianity, when God wants you to have more.


Scripture gives us the answers but opening the Word of God can be intimidating. A Product of Christ gives meaning to things even lifelong Christians struggle to explain. Written in a way that even the newest believer can understand, this book will reveal the transforming power of a relationship with Christ.


Becoming a product of Christ is a transformation within you that takes place one day at a time. Jesus is your breakthrough. Discover who He designed you to be.




A Product of Christ: Discover Jesus and His Transforming Power Simply


    Publisher Carpenter's Son Publishing
    Publication Date October 1, 2019
    Language English
    Product Dimensions 5 x 0.2 x 7 inches
    Shipping Weight 3.2 ounces
    Book Length 96
    ISBN-13 978-1949572599


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